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Wild Happy Thanksgiving Bouquet

Wild Happy Thanksgiving Bouquet

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“I love the tradition of thanksgiving: taking some time to reflect on our lives, to give thanks for what we have and of the preceding year, to give thanks and appreciate our family and friends.

For the Wild Happy Thanksgiving bouquet, I have chosen the chrysanthemum (the official birth flower for November) as the main flower focus. In keeping with autumn, the hand-picked chrysanthemums are in beautiful shades of ochre, rust and brown. I particularly love the beauty of the chrysanthemum’s petals as they open in perfect order and stay in perfection. To compliment the November month chrysanthemum, the main foliage I have picked for this bouquet design is autumn oak leaves.

The Wild Happy Thanksgiving bouquet is an unconventional design. I have combined the chrysanthemums with tropical flowers of unusual shapes and striking foliage for contrast, and for a happy thanksgiving.”

TFC Designer Florist

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