Privacy Data Policy

1. Please take time to carefully read the Privacy Data Policy below before using our website and/or submitting your personal data to us. By using our website or otherwise submitting your personal data to us you agree unconditionally to be bound by the terms of this Privacy Data Policy.

2. When you place an order, you provide to us personal information such as your name, address, e-mail address, phone number, billing address as well as the recipient’s name, address and phone number (“Personal Data”). By placing an order, you agree and consent to:
(1) the collection, use, storage and process of the Personal Data; and
(2) the details of the recipient be given by us to a third party that we engage in order to assist us with delivery service.

3. To the extent permissible by law, we will retain the Personal Data for such period as may be necessary to satisfy the following:
(1) The purpose for which the Personal Data was provided; and
(2) An ongoing business need, including but not limited to record keeping for accounting purposes.

4. Where there is no sufficient justification to retain the Personal Data the same will be deleted and/or destroyed.

5. Please note that we do not have access to or store your credit card details. Your payment details are provided directly to Shopify and processed directly by Shopify, and Shopify’s policies will apply to you. Please refer to Shopify’s privacy data policy on Shopify’s website.

6. We will never ask you to confirm any bank account or credit card details via e-mail or phone. If you receive an e-mail or phone call claiming to be from The Flower Catalogue asking you to confirm your bank account or credit card details, please ignore it and do not respond.

7. Our website is operated on a platform provided by Shopify Inc. (“Shopify”). Accordingly, you will also be subject to Shopify’s policies. Please see Shopify’s privacy data policy on Shopify’s website.

8. Any personal data you supply while visiting our website is voluntary, but if you choose not to supply your personal information then you may not be able to access, use and/or make purchases. Your personal data will be collected by us and/or transferred to Shopify to process your orders. If you have any questions concerning your personal data held by us or Shopify, please contact us by e-mail or Shopify at respectively.