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Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

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We provide bespoke luxury flower arrangements for weddings in Hong Kong.

The wedding banquet brings together parents, relatives, and friends to celebrate a happy day, made more memorable by beautiful flowers.

As part of our wedding flowers service, we may meet with the happy couple at the wedding venue to discuss flower design, themes, colours, where to place floral arrangements and how many to have. Sometimes, depending on the venue, it may be better to just have a few striking and gorgeous flower arrangements.

We receive enquiries on cost and for fee quotes for wedding flowers. In brief, please note the following factors:

(1) The date of the wedding. For example, for a wedding on Valentine’s Day, the cost of flowers would be more. This is because the grower/supplier’s price is generally higher during peak seasons (e.g. Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.).

(2) The venue. For example, if the size of the venue is large e.g. a hotel ballroom, cost will understandably be more than the cost of decorating an intimate setting e.g. a favourite restaurant.

(3) The style and look of the wedding floral arrangements. For example, a classic traditional flower design is generally more than a contemporary minimalist flower design.

(4) The choice of fresh flowers. For example, luxury flowers like calla lilies and garden roses will always cost more than e.g. tulips.

(5) The origin of the fresh flowers. For example, flowers from Holland will generally cost more than flowers from other countries.

We understand that some people may not wish to spend lavishly on wedding flowers, but still would like wedding floral arrangements with a wow factor. We therefore work and create beautiful and stylish wedding flowers according to the budget, tailored to the happy couple and their personal story.

For enquiries and assistance, please contact us by:

WhatsApp: +852 6112 8613


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